"Chuck is a Partner with my Company and actively promotes our products to his clients. He is a professional and very easy to work with. I highly recommend him and the work that he produces." - Richard P.

My Ideal Job

I am seeking a senior management position with a Birmingham area company where I can use my proven management and administrative experience, common sense, and problem solving abilities to further the growth and expansion of a business.

My ideal job would provide me with two opportunities:

  • The first would consist of training, equipping and supervising others so they might become more productive members of a workforce team. I enjoy identifying quality employees and providing opportunities for them to excel in their work. I help each employee learn new skills and exercise their initiative to excel and move forward into areas of more responsibility. I have traveled extensively, lived in other countries, and have both education and experience in cross-cultural relationships. I enjoy working with people who have cultural and social perspectives and experiences different from my own. Being able to leverage my skills to help develop others around me would be a large part of my ideal job.
  • The second would be the opportunity to use my education, experience, and common sense problem solving abilities to successfully lead the growth of a business.